19 October 2010

Let's Play Fallout New Vegas: pregame

In one hour, I will be picking it up. It it. The reason I do not have it already is because I work nights and where I work doesn't carry it for PC. Because they are bastages. So I pre-ordered it from another place and they open at 10.

I am prepared:

Caption: Poorly taken photo of my desk, which is actually a table. Featured are my Sony VAIO (with headphones, mouse and external hard drive), my notebook for gaming notes, a bag of Hallowe'en-themed marshmallows, a box of Lady Grey tea and a bottle of generic Excedrin Migraine. Miscellaneous desk clutter, including picture frames, cups of pens, plastic tubs of random crap and a non-flowering Amaryllis pot, takes up the background.

I have cleaned off my desk and armed myself with sources of simple sugars (Ghost Mallows ftw!) and caffeine (black tea and migraine pills, since I am boring and do not drink soda), as well as a note-taking apparatus.

As previously stated, I work nights, and typically sleep from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but I have decided to forgo sleep to play it.

I am hardcore!!!1!!!!eleventy!11!!

I will probably not be able to resist posting a little something later today, maybe a bunch of screenshots. We'll see.

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